God Given Purpose Bible Reading Plan

Thursday, October 10, 2019

When you don't know your purpose. It is as if you are walking around in the dark looking for a light switch.

Before I returned to my faith I thought that light was on. And although it wasn't completely dark. My light was definitely dim.

Often times my light was flickering on and off without notice. And I had no idea of who to call for help with getting it working properly.

When our light is off. We are lost souls without a purpose.

Even though I'm not ready to launch my next online bible study. I want you to know big bold dream bible study is coming.

An online bible study focused on God's will and purpose for our lives. With that being said you're probably wondering what bible scriptures can you read on purpose?

Today I'm sharing 14 day God Given Purpose Prayer Challenge, which I shared a while back on chellbee.com.